Python Extracting Green Channels from Color Image

OpenCV – Get blue channel from image To extract the blue channel of the image, first read the color image using the Python OpenCV library and then extract the blue channel 2D array from the image array using the image clipping method.   Step by step procedure to extract Blue Channel of color image Following […]


Python Extracting Red Channels from Color Image

OpenCV – Extract red channel from image To extract the red channel of the image, we will first read the color image using cv2 and then extract the red channel 2D array from the image array. In this tutorial, we will learn how to extract the red channel from a colored image, by applying array […]



How to collaborate with documents using the ONLYOFFICE workspace

If what you want is to build a collaborative workspace on your Linux server, the most obvious options might be Nextcloud, ownCloudand Seafile. These solutions allow you to store and share files in one place and provide file synchronization. However, if you not only want to keep files, but also need document collaboration functionality, then […]



Top Free Windows Email Programs

Mozilla Thunderbird Mozilla Corporation Mozilla Thunderbird is a fully featured, secure and very functional email client and RSS feed reader. It lets you handle mail efficiently and with style, and Mozilla Thunderbird filters away junk mail too. Opera The Opera email client is a slick and flexible interface that will satisfy almost all your email needs, and […]


Top 10 Text To Speech Software For eLearning

Best Text To Speech Software Narration and use of human voices are quite the recipe to make online learners more interested and emotionally connected with the eLearning course. Fortunately, there is great abundance in narration and voice-over professionals out there. However, the cost keeps rising if you decide to hire a professional. There also arises […]



Use Entrypoint with Docker and Docker Compose

In this tutorial I will explain how Docker’s Entrypoint instruction works and how you can use it in your Dockerfiles and with Docker Compose. This will also cover some best practices and ideas for where you can learn more. Entrypoint sets the command and parameters that will be executed first when a container is run. […]


Install Docker Registry and WEB UI

What Docker Registry is? Docker Registry is a stateless, highly scalable server side application that stores and lets you distribute Docker images. The Registry is open-source, under the permissive Apache license. Why use it You should use the Registry if you want to: tightly control where your images are being stored fully own your images distribution […]


How To Install And Use Basic Docker Commands

Docker – ‘A better way to build apps’, as stated on its website, is an open-source platform for building apps and microservices. The catch here is the automated deployment of your app in a container, by OS level virtualization provided by Dockers. Dockers are better than VMs as you can do away with the additional costs […]