Install Phalcon PHP on Debian 9


Phalcon is a full-stack PHP framework. It provides ready to use classes and functions. Phalcon provides the lowest overhead for MVC-based applications. This tutorial will help you to install Phalcon PHP framework module on your Debian 9 systems.


First of all, you need to install some prerequisites packages in your system using the following commands.

Then install PHP 5.6 or later version with required modules.

Install Apache2

Install MySQL

Install Phalcon PHP Module

PHP Phalcon framework is available as of PHP module. You can install it from the same repositories used for PHP installation.

Run the following command to install:

Verify Phalcon

Before proceeding for development, make sure Phalcon PHP framework has been successfully installed with your PHP.

Create a info.php on your web document root with following content and access it in browser.

You will see output like below.

PHP Phalcon Setup on Ubuntu